Today's nations (Rashtra, in Hindi) are increasingly driven by tech which in turn helps bring down the boundaries. So, we all live in a TechRashtra where we eat, drink and sleep Tech!

This is NOT  intended to be a tech NEWS blog. We all have too many sources of news today - in fact so many that one tends to get confused. My idea here is to interpret the news in the tech industry from various sources and provide my take on the probable implications.

I am a technology enthusiast with an interest in the trends and happenings in the Tech Industry. I have an engineering degree, 10+ years of experience in the technology industry and am currently pursuing an executive MBA with one of India's top institute with inclination towards Strategy and Marketing.

You may agree or disagree with my analysis or even be indifferent but that's the way life is! Do let me know, however, so I don't continue to live in my own personal utopia!

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